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Guide 3: Conducting Surveys of Community Attitudes to Electronic Gaming Machines

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When have community surveys made a difference in a decision about EGMs in Victoria?

  • Local community surveys have played a significant role in recent decisions about EGMs in Victoria. In particular, the Supreme Court decision related to the Romsey Hotel in Macedon Ranges Shire determined that any community unhappiness or discontent related to a proposal for EGMs should be considered a social impact that is detrimental to the well-being of the community (Macedon Ranges Shire Council v Romsey Hotel Pty Ltd 19 March 2008, VSCA 45).
  • This decision means that a community survey needs to explore the possible impact of EGMs on levels of happiness and contentment in a community.
  • Local Government Planners have noted that any evidence responding to an application for EGMs must include: a community survey; a social and economic impact assessment of the application (Wyndham City Council, Surf Coast Shire)

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What did the decision makers say about the community surveys?

  • Both VCAT and the VCGLR have considered local community surveys among the evidence provided to them by local governments or community groups. The VCGLR has noted that it will only consider a survey that relates to a specific application for EGMs, not a generic community survey.
  • Recent decisions show that the value of a community survey as evidence in a hearing can be affected by: the wording of the questions; the scope of the respondents or survey area and the actions taken prior to conducting the survey.
  • A summary of relevant recent VCGLR and VCAT decisions that consider community surveys is provided at Fact Sheet 6 Summary of relevant decisions that relied on community surveys: key issues identified.


Examples of Community Attitude Surveys related to EGMs in Victoria

  • The recent decision at the Beach Hotel in Jan Juc also provides an example of the types of questions that the VCGLR or VCAT might consider as relevant in a survey about community attitudes to EGMs.
  • In brief, relevant survey questions include: knowledge of application; current gaming activities of respondent; levels of happiness and contentment now and expected following the proposed introduction of EGMs in area. View more information in Fact Sheet 7.
  • Some decisions have shown that is important for the local government authority to conduct the community survey, to ensure the survey is seen as an objective decision


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