Guide 2-4 Applying for a planning permit to install an EGM, or change the number of EGMs, in a local area

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Part 4: What might local government consider when deciding whether or not to grant a planning permit for an EGM?


A local government authority will assess an application for a planning permit to install EGMs in a venue based on a number of general and specific planning criteria.  It is important to understand that an assessment is made in the context of the specific application and the officer is entitled to use their discretion in making a decision for or against an application based on all the evidence supplied and their local understanding of the area in consideration.


When assessing an application, a planning officer will consider the net social and economic impacts of the proposal against existing planning documentation which may include the following documents:

  • the Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • the local Planning Scheme
  • local Gaming Policy (policies that have been incorporated into the Planning Scheme are given most status at a hearing
  • Municipal Public Health Plan
  • Health and Well Being Strategy
  • Liquor Licensing Policy
  • Growth Area Strategies and Development Plans


An applicant must provide as much supportive evidence as possible.


A range of tools are used to provide such evidence including:

  • Social and Economic Impact Assessments (SEIA)
  • Community Benefit Statements and
  • Gaming Expenditure Assessments


Refer to Guide 1, Part 4 for more information, or view the following links for information on location and expenditure of EGMs and Tips for conducting a social and economic impact assessment (SEIA) of a planning permit, or licence, application for EGMs

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