Guide 2-3 Applying for a planning permit to install an EGM, or change the number of EGMs, in a local area

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Part 3: What information does the applicant have to provide with their application for an EGM permit?


An application for a planning permit for an electronic gaming machine must be lodged with the Local Government Authority (Council) where the proposed gaming venue is located. The venue operator must apply for a planning permit for the development of land or a change in use of the land. Council will assess the application and make a decision based on the merit of the application and whether it responds to specific planning criteria. Council can also consider the net social and economic impact of the application to install EGMs (Refer to Fact Sheet 11 for information regarding Social and Economic Impact Assessments). Council will also consider any relevant objections before making a final decision.


By requiring a planning permit, councils will be able to consult with their community and give consideration to the environmental, social and economic effects of new gaming machines.


An applicant must also provide the following specific information relevant to gaming which is commonly presented in a Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) report. This report must demonstrate that the proposal responds to:


The objectives of the Gambling and Regulation Act 2003 to foster responsible gambling in order to:

  • Minimise harm caused by problem gambling
  • Accommodate those who gamble without harming themselves or others


Clause 52.28 of the Victorian Planning Provisions to:

  • Ensure that gaming machines are situated in appropriate locations and premises;
  • Ensure that the social and economic impacts of the location of gaming machines are considered; and
  • Prohibit gaming machines in specified shopping complexes and strip shopping centres (link to definition of shopping complex and strip shopping centre)


Under Clause 52.28-4 installation or use of a gaming machine is prohibited in a strip shopping centre if:

  • The strip shopping centre is specified in the schedule to this clause;
  • The schedule provides that a gaming machine is prohibited in all strip shopping centres on land covered by this planning scheme.

A strip shopping centre is an area that meets all the following requirements:

  • it is zoned for business use;
  • it consists of at least two separate buildings on at least two separate and adjoining lots;
  • it is an area in which a significant proportion of the buildings are shops;
  • it is an area in which  a significant proportion of the lots abut a road accessible to the public generally;
  • but it does not include the Capital City Zone in the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

A local council may also have specified a schedule to this Clause which may show particular locations where gaming is prohibited.


A planning application must also address any relevant local government planning policies such as gaming or liquor licensing policies. These can be found in the local government Planning Scheme under Clause 22. These policies typically include more specific local criteria about locations appropriate and not appropriate for gaming machines and the municipality’s overall view on gaming.  For more information refer to Fact Sheet 11.

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