Guide 2-1 Applying for a planning permit to install an EGM, or change the number of EGMs, in a local area

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Part 1: Who needs a planning permit to install an EGM or change the number of EGMs in a venue?


Any person can apply for a planning permit (subject to the proviso that if the applicant is not the owner the application must include either the consent of the owner or an acknowledgement that the owner has been advised of the application). Generally the venue operator or the proposed venue operator will apply for the planning permit. An application for a planning permit may be made prior to obtaining VCGLR approval.


In October 2006 the State Government of Victoria made changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions to improve the input of local councils into decisions about the location of gaming machines in their municipality.  These changes mean that it is now a requirement that all new EGMs and/or any changes to EGM numbers in a venue require a planning permit to be obtained from the Local Government Area in which the venue is located.


Recent changes have been made to the licence arrangements for EGMs in Victoria. These changes are informally referred to as the ‘2012 Licence Arrangements’.  Fact Sheet 5 contains more information.

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