Guide 1-6 Applying for a licence to install an EGM, or change the number of EGMs

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Part 6: What is the role of local governments in the application process?


When a hotel or a club applies to the VCGLR for an EGM licence they are required under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 to notify the local authority(ies) that are affected by the proposal. Local government authorities may make a submission to the VCGLR as part of the hearing process.


A local government submission comprises but is not limited to a Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) to demonstrate how the approval of gaming machines will impact on the local community’s social and economic well being. The VCGLR requires two questions to be answered in the submission including:


  1. What is the net social and economic impact of this application?
  2. Will this proposal result in net social and economic detriment to the community?


Council may call on expert witnesses to present social or economic evidence. A SEIA developed by local government may include the following information:


  • Details of the application, its site and response to Council policy and strategy, the catchment area of the application;
  • The policy context including State and Local Planning policy; Gaming Legislation and Policy, relevant prior decisions and relevant key findings for research;
  • Indicators for assessment which may include: problem gambling vulnerability, economic benefits to community, community facilities and services, entertainment, community health, community wellbeing;
  • A Social Impact Assessment using indicators to measure overall impact on the community
  • Economic expenditure data relative to the income and employment trends in the municipality


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What is the role of local communities in the application process?
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