Fact Sheet 4

Understanding the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

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VCAT was created on 1 July 1998 and amalgamated 15 boards and tribunals to offer a one stop shop dealing with a range of disputes. It is intended to be accessible, efficient and cost effective.

VCAT deals with disputes about:


  • purchase and supply of goods
  • credit
  • discrimination
  • domestic building works
  • guardianship and administration
  • disability services, health and privacy, mental health
  • legal profession services
  • owners corporations (body corporate)
  • residential tenancies
  • retail tenancies


VCAT also deals with disputes between people and government (State/Local) in areas such as:


  • land valuation
  • licences to carry on businesses (including travel agents, motor car traders and others)
  • planning and environment
  • State taxation
  • Many other government decisions (such as Transport Accident Commission decisions and freedom of information issues)


  • To appeal to VCAT an applicant or objector must complete an application form which can be obtained from the VCAT website.
  • It is a requirement that sufficient copies should be made of written statements for circulation to all sitting members and parties.  It is recommended that a submission be supported by visual evidence. The VCAT website provides additional information.
  • Additional general information about VCAT can be obtained from the VCAT website.
  • Information about the area of VCAT that deals with Planning and Environment Issues can be obtained from the Planning and Environment Issues section of the VCAT website.
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