Fact Sheet 16

Glossary of Terms

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Community Benefit Statement:

Provides the framework for reporting expenditure on community benefits by club and racing club venue operators which received gaming revenue in a financial year (VCGR).

Community Contributions:

Refers to any contributions made to the community by the applicant alongside an application for EGMs.


Gaming Expenditure Analysis:

Expenditure estimates or any other analysis of anticipated gaming machine expenditure as a result of the proposal.


Land Use Planning Assessment:

A land use planning assessment provides an analysis of the site and context of the proposed application in relation to local statutory planning regulations.


Pilot Study:

An initial test version of a survey or questionnaire that allows the developer to ensure its validity and reliability.


Qualitative Data:

Any data that is not numerical.  For example, in depth interviews, direct observations, or written documents.


Quantitative Data:

Numerical data that can be analysed using statistical methods.


Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA):

This is a document that outlines the likely impacts of the EGMs on the local community in terms of social and economic indicators.

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