Fact Sheet 1

Who is an Applicant?

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Any person can apply for a planning permit (subject to the proviso that if the applicant is not the owner the application must include either the consent of the owner or an acknowledgement that the owner has been advised of the application). Generally the venue operator or the proposed venue operator will apply for the planning permit. An application for a planning permit may be made prior to obtaining VCGLR approval.


An applicant applying for an increase in the number of EGMs at an approved venue will always be an approved venue operator, however in the case of an applicant seeking approval of a premises as suitable for gaming this will not always be the case.  Only entities incorporated under the Companies Act 1981 or under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 may receive a venue operator’s licence


According to the VCGLR all venue operators now hold licences that are deemed either a club venue operator’s licence or hotel venue operator’s licence.  Venue operators previously holding a club liquor or racing club licence will be granted a club operator’s licence and venues that hold a pub liquor licence are deemed to hold a club or hotel venue operator’s licence.


Any new applicants for a venue operator’s licence will, if successful, be granted either a club or hotel licence.


Note that a club licence can only be obtained by a club that is: “established for a community purpose; and the constituting document of the club contains provisions prohibiting the distribution of any annual profit or surplus to its members; and the distribution of any surplus to its members on winding up.”  - VCGLR.

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